AirWave LTE

Providing wireless internet in the Flathead Valley, MT. We currently provide internet service to Columbia Falls, Lake Blaine, and Batavia areas of the Flathead Valley, MT.

LTE Backed Internet

Wireless Internet via LTE technology. We offer solid speeds, fantastic latency, and reliable service. Our goal is to provide a good quality Internet connection to those whose access is limited. Within range of our towers, our connectivity is unbeatable.

Why Choose Us?

We provide solutions for people that live and work in rural and mountaineous regions in the Flathead Valley, Montana. Utilizing our incredible LTE technology we can get internet to places nobody else can at rates faster than what most people are getting in town.


AirWave LTE Service Requirements


 Tower Locations

You must be within seven miles of Columbia Falls tower, Kila tower, or the Blaine tower. The Columbia Falls tower is located behind Hansen Trucking, which itself is near Mike's Conoco. Kila tower is near the Batavia U-haul. Blaine tower is in front of Montana Rifleman on Highway 35.

 Modem & Equipment

You will need a modem from us. Our modems come in several configurations, and each has a range and application limit. As there are several locations with variation of terrain, we have several modems to solve different problems.




Basic Package

Download and upload speed - 12mbps


Family Package

Download and upload speed - 25mbps

Airwave LTE - Internet service in the Flathead Valley

AirWave LTE

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